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Washington D.C, catching up with friends, and biking

Quinn had a work trip to Washington D.C. and I tagged along. We were there for a week and Quinn went to work every day while I explored some of what the city had on offer. We reunited in the evenings and were lucky enough to catch up with some long time friends. It is really special to have friends all around the world and it also really sucks! I wish I could be more a part of the day to day lives of the really cool people we have met over the years, but alas, alack, I must settle for catch ups every once in a blue moon.

We stayed in the Navy Yard area of D.C. which is super cool. I really enjoyed the almost small town vibe of the "main street" although I am sure I am the only one calling it that. Also, the waterfront is full of bars, restaurants, a beautiful cycling path and views of the river. Everyone spoke to me about the revitalization of the area and how the city has made use of the waterfront, but as someone with no historical perspective I could only appreciate it in its present form. When comparing it to how Seattle has used its waterfront, I must say, BRAVO D.C.

Quinn really didn't have much free time so the first and only day we had before he started work we set off on foot to explore the sites. It was COLD! We initially were planning on using the city bike system but at 32 degrees we said, no thank you and decided to hoof it instead.


After about 12 miles of walking we felt adequately satisfied by the experience. We ate some bagels, saw the mall, the tidal basin, the cherry blossoms in the tidal basin, then walked along the waterfront and ended up at our predesignated brunch location to see our friends from our time in Italy, Patsy and Cory. Photo shoot! Notice the many backgrounds.We wouldn't have survived the COVID times without these two plus Sam and Austin and we were so happy to spend some time catching up. You will see more of them later.


For ease of picture addition I will combine the next few days into one. I spent them riding the city bikes around and taking in some of the cultural offerings of D.C. This included: Smithsonian American History Museum, Natural history museum, the Botanical gardens, the Zoo, and quick ride bys of the WWII memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and other curiosities such as this garden Barbie exhibition as well as the Anacostia park route. I road about 30+ miles over 3 days on the "townie" bikes in the city. You have to check them in every 45 minutes with the day pass so sometimes that meant random pit stops at the various bike centers. It was an adventure and I enjoyed every minute of it. Quinn was able to join me on the last 1/2 day of cycling and we revisited the Anacostia park route and also road the bikes down to Alexandria. We were so lucky with the timing of the cherry blossoms as well as a bunch of other blossoms. D.C is so much more beautiful than I remember from my childhood and teenage visits.

Botanical gardens including a very stinky corpse plant cousin


A little colder on this balcony than ours.


So, as for the visiting, we also met up with Kate and TW and their "crew" aka 3 children! You might recognize this couple from our blogs back in China and Japan (also a cameo in Germany) for those that are long time readers and you might be surprised to see they have multiplied. These 3 kiddos politely and positively sat and played through a 3 hour dinner! They were incredible and Quinn made a new best friend. It doesn't surprise me that 2 social people would have 3 social kids that want to burn the midnight oil and socialize well past bedtime. Many laughs were had and it sucked to say goodbye but I cannot wait to hear about the adventures and tales this family will have over the years.


Repeat! I could not stay a week in D.C without making it out to see Patsy and Cory again and meet their newest family member as well as see their new home. I spent an afternoon with Patsy like old times, sipped tea, bullshitted, and got to babysit. I now hold the record for being the only friend to have met/babysat her two kiddos in the first couple months of life. #winning. Babysitting for 10 minutes while she walked the dog definitely counts in my book. It was like old times having dinner with these guys and spending time with their little ones. We don't have another meet up planned any time soon but I am hoping something will pop up.

We also saw another blast from the past. Feeeeeeelixxxxxx and Heidi! Plus their 4 kids! OMG. Last time we saw them was a decade ago and they only had 2 kids and now they have doubled. I made sure to avoid drinking the water while in DC. Just kidding! They cooked us an amazing meal and made us laugh with their stories, giant moka pots, and selves. You know when you haven't seen someone in a while and think, I totally remember why I liked these people so much. Same.


Last up for the reunions, Wade! He did not multiply but he did do an addition and we got to meet his wife! Quinn had already met Susanna but this was my first time. Wade found a great partner and it was such a delight to chat with them and relive old times from Japan.


We had another half day together at the end of the week to check out some sites, eat sushi, and ride bikes. The bike paths are really well connected and it was beautiful. On our last day in DC we caught a bit of the kite festival.


I am very grateful for trip to catch up with old friends. It filled our social cup that had been depleted during COVID and seems to be bottomless these days!

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